May 22, 2017: Enter to win a #DarkMatter signed script!

Want a chance to win a cast-signed Dark Matter script annotated by yours truly? Well, all you have to do is match the upcoming season 3 episode titles to the dog pictures posted below.  Each dog pic is somehow linked to a particular episode, so put your thinking caps on (as my second grade teacher, Mrs. Vowels used to say) and start linking!


Episode 27: Being Better Is So Much Harder

Episode 28: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This

Episode 29: Welcome To The Revolution

Episode 30: All The Time In the World

Episode 31: Give It Up, Princess

Episode 32: One Last Card To Play

Episode 33: Wish I Could Believe You

Episode 34: Hot Chocolate

Episode 35: Isn’t That A Paradox?

Episode 36: Built, Not Born

Episode 37: The Dwarf Star Conspiracy

Episode 38: My Final Gift To You

Episode 39: Nowhere To Go















Limit one entry per customer.

Contest open to all Dark Matter fans galaxy-wide.

Contest ends midnight, Sunday May 28th.

A huge thanks to Assistant Costume Designer Anna Dal Farra for assembling the Dark Matter dog gallery.

Good luck!

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May 21, 2017: Dark Matter season 3 trailer – and more teaser pics!

Here it is, as promised.  The Dark Matter season 3 trailer for all to see:

I think the gang at Syfy did a fantastic job on this one.  Thoughts?  Anything jump out at you?

Hey, while we’re on the topic of Dark Matter’s third season, how about a few screen caps for discussion…

Okay.  Discuss!

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May 20, 2017: The Dark Matter season 3 trailer is here!

Yes, the Dark Matter season 3 trailer is finally here in all of its kickass 60 second glory!  You can watch it here…

Well, those of you living in the U.S. can watch it.  Unfortunately, those of you – actually, I should say US – living outside the U.S. can’t because the video is geoblocked. 😦

But fear not.  I’m getting a copy of the trailer and will upload it in tomorrow’s blog entry for your repeat viewing pleasure.  Until then, a few screen caps to tide you over…








Yes, looks like it’s going to be a pretty awesome season.

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May 19, 2017: Dark Matter season 3 teaser!

Well, it’s not quite the trailer but, today, Syfy International released a teaser for Dark Matter’s third season.  Check it out…

Okay, let’s break it down…

The destruction of space station EOS-7.

An explosion hot on TWO’s heels…literally.

The best laid plans blow up in Android’s face…again, literally.

Undercover FIVE.

Ryo Ishida looking downright villainous.

Some sort of shuttle avoiding weapons fire from a Ferrous Corp destroyer.

Some sort of guards (?), maybe soldiers (?) making their way into a dark facility.

FIVE pops out of hiding, and lets Bubba fly.

Intriguing, no? Discuss!

Speaking of videos, Suji did her very first Insta-live today.  She’s a natural…

A, uh natural apple slice eater that is.

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May 18, 2017: Dark Matter contests!

I’m looking to do a little late spring cleaning and one of the things I’d like to clear off my office shelf are a couple of cast-signed, annotated Dark Matter scripts. Would you happen to know anyone who might be interested in acquiring one?

Well, all you have to do for a chance to win one is to enter one of the following two contests I’ll be hosting over the next couple of weeks.

Contest #1: Match the dog teaser pictures to the upcoming season 3 episodes!

Oh, you remember how this one works.  If not, here’s a refresher…

In a nutshell – every year, Assistant Costume Designer Anna Dal Farr adorns the wardrobe department with dog pictures – one for each episode of the season. Upon closer scrutiny, one will notice that each pic is carefully selected to thematically reflected its paired episode.  So, for instance, last year…

This pic neatly summed up “Episode 16: I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You”, the one in which TWO, THREE, and FOUR revert back to their mercenary former selves and hunt poor FIVE through the ship.

And this one pairs with “Episode 12: Stuff To Steal, People To Kill”, the one in which our crew travels to alternate reality.

Of course, they’re not all that easy – especially since you’ll be asked to link doggy pictures to mere episode titles.  Last year’s winner managed an impressive 9 of 13 correct pairings (amid an overall average of 3 correct pairings!).  Let’s see if you can beat Mike From Blaine’s score.  I’ll kick off this contest in the coming days.  In the meantime, here are a couple of Anna’s Dark Matter season 3 doggy pictures to get you thinking…

Contest #2: Dark Matter Twitter Trivia Time!

I’m aiming for not this weekend but the next.  At an pre-established time, I will answer five Dark Matter-related questions.  First five correct respondents move on to round 2 where the questions will get far more difficult.  First three correct respondents (from our pool of five) move on two the third and final round where they will have to answer the toughest question of all!  Follow me on twitter (@BaronDestructo) and make sure you don’t miss out.

Tomorrow is the deadline to post your questions for Dark Matter composer Ben Pinkerton’s Q&A.  After that, if you have a question, you’ll have to ask him in person!

Finally, I leave you with yet another season 3 sneak peek screen cap:


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May 17, 2017: Back in the Vancouver swing of things!

Now that I’m back home, it’s time to hit up all of my favorite places and check in on many of my old friends.  Like Marginni at Jack who gave me a new summer do, Hodie at Xoxolat who helped me stock up on Ecuador dark chocolate bars, and Darlene and co. at The Book Warehouse and Jill and Walter (and dog Judd) at White Dwarf Books who recommended some great reads to add to my burgeoning to-read pile.  Toronto has a lot going on for it, but not much in the way of great bookstores.  Oh, don’t get me started.

I now do most of my reading via iBooks, but I will pick up physical copies of titles I’ve enjoyed.  I loved the hell out of Mark Lawrence’s Prince of Thorns, so it and the ensuing two books of the trilogy are destined for my home library.

This morning, we hit one of our favorite places – Bella Gelateria – for pizza and ice cream.  Well, pizza for Akemi and me, and ice cream for everyone, including the dogs thanks to owner James Coleridge’s special sugar free, dairy free, vegan doggy gelato.  Peanut butter flavor!

Ladies, start your ice cream engines!

Lulu is the daintiest of eaters.

Suji’s crazy ice cream face!

Before we left, James gifted me a cache of his homemade birdseye chili seasoning.  Holy!  The burn is enough to give you a light buzz.

Tonight, it was dinner at Sushi Bar Maumi – next to Toronto’s Yasu, my favorite place for sushi outside of Japan.

Full day and full stomach.  And the week aint even over yet!

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May 16, 2017: Dark Matter season 3 promotional photos – and teasers!

We’re about three weeks away from the Dark Matter season 3 double episode premiere…

In the U.S. – Friday, June 9th at 8:00 p.m. on Syfy

In Australia – Saturday, June 10th on SyfyAU

In the U.K. – Monday, June 12th at 8 p.m. on SyfyUK

For some reason, Canada’s SpaceChannel has been doing a terrific job keeping news about our show under wraps (nary a mention on either their official twitter feed or Facebook page) but I’ll just go ahead and spoil the surprise…

In Canada – Friday, June 9th at 8:00 p.m. on Space Channel.

Zoie Palmer’s Android had a number of different looks over the course of the show’s first two seasons – from blue uni to Android to the cream and white ensemble pictured above (and a couple of different undercover looks to boot).  And you can expect at least a half dozen new looks for her in season 3.

In comparison to the rest of the crew, we know surprisingly little about Jodelle Ferland’s FIVE character in the time before she snuck aboard The Raza.  Well, we’ll rectify that in an early season 3 episode that will offer insight into FIVE’s backstory – and a big surprise for our green haired girl.

In seasons 1 and 2, we learned that Melissa O’Neil’s TWO was created by Dwarf Star Technologies – but exactly why has never been revealed.  Well, we’ll be shedding light on that particular mystery in season 3 as well.

The first two seasons saw the crew battle a number of varied enemies but, come season 3, they’ll come up against their first Big Bad in the form of Alex Mallari Jr’s Ryo Ishida.  How will their past relationship with their former friend complicate matters?

As The Raza’s moral center, Roger Cross’s SIX drove the crew in a bid for redemption – one that literally blew up in their faces with the destruction of EOS-7. So how will a failed attempt to head off a corporate war influence his altruistic long game?

In season 1, it was the revelation about a long lost love.  In season 2, it was the discovery of a forgotten surrogate family.  In season 3, Anthony Lemke’s THREE will be blindsided by a surprise that will upend his devil-may-care persona.

Season 3 highlights include: a reveal of the Android’s origins, a time loop predicament, the return of some all-too-familiar faces, surprising shifts in allegiance, and an episode I describe as “Back to the Future meets Stranger Things“.


And gentlemen…

Dark Matter’s third season is near!

P.S. Hey, Dark Matter fans!  Do you enjoy the show’s music?  Well, composer Ben Pinkerton has agreed to do a Q&A with us, so if you have some questions for him, post them in the comments section!

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May 15, 2017: Dark Matter composer Ben Pinkerton Q&A announcement!

We’ve quickly settled back into life in Vancouver.  Well, most of us.  Lulu clearly misses her daily visits to the dog park while Suji doesn’t have a clue what’s going on but seems be enjoying the backyard.  For our part, Akemi and I are happy to be back – working out every morning in the basement gym, shopping for fresh fish every morning at Seafood City at the Granville Island Market, talking books with the well-read staff at The Book Warehouse, and simply sleeping in our own bed (albeit somewhat fitfully from 9:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.).  Still, decisions will have to be made about the house.

Eventually.  For now, I’ve got to focus on fleshing out my ideas for the looming season 4 writers’ room…which is, admittedly, really hard to do just coming off production on season 3.

And what a third season we have in store for you.  The show keeps getting better and better because everyone involved makes concerted effort to improve upon what has come before.  And nowhere is this more evident than in the show’s music produced by composer Ben Pinkerton under the guidance of music supervisor Jody Colero.  In fact, one of the most oft-asked questions I get thrown my way is: “When are you releasing the Dark Matter soundtrack?”.  It’s a great question and here’s your chance to ask the man himself because Dark Matter composer Ben Pinkerton has agreed to field your queries (after much cajoling and a promise I would make it as painless as possible).

So, if you’ve got a question for Ben, please post them in the comments section before this weekend!

Today, I leave you with yet another Dark Matter sneak peek screen cap:

What the heck is going on in this pic?  Any guesses?

May 14, 2017: Back in Van!

I am pleased to report we are back home following a thoroughly uneventful flight from Toronto.  A 4:50 a.m. wake-up, much fussing and fretting over the dogs, a seemingly endless walk from one end of Pearson airport (check-in) to the other (our boarding gate), five straight hours of Preacher, and a slew of Vancouver errands, I am thoroughly exhausted.  And it isn’t even dinner time yet.

I think I might take it easy tonight.  Finish unpacking.  Do some laundry.  Take the dogs out for a walk.  Read.  And then tomorrow, it begins!  In the lead-up to the June 12th commencement of the Dark Matter season 4 writers’ room (with special guest star Carl Binder!), I’m going to try to spin an episode day.  That way, when it comes time to convene, I can just hand everyone the beat sheets and we can spend the better part of the day concentrating on what really matters: lunch!

Also, have a dentist appointment on Tuesday, need to make an appointment to go check out an achy spleen (at least I think that’s what’s aching) and then on Thursday, a Skype conversation with a producer in the U.K. regarding a classic SF series (one of my favorites growing up) that I feel is ripe for a return to the small screen.  And, of course, I’m on the program starting tomorrow: weights, running, eating well.  My triple cream puff and thin crust pizza days are behind me (or, really, way ahead of me as I’m hoping to be back in Toronto to resume my diehard eating ways in October).

To those of you asking – the Dark Matter season 3 trailer should be landing late this week or next.  But, in the meantime, here’s a little screen cap to tide you over…

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May 13, 2017: Final day in Toronto until….season four?

Almost finished packing.  Almost finished my farewells.  Tomorrow, we’re up at the crack of pre-dawn (5:00 a.m. here, 2 a.m. for those of you on the west coast, and 11:00 p.m. today for those of you in Hawaii) to catch our early flight back to Vancouver.

As always, my big concern is the dogs – chunky little Lulu and cantankerous Suji. We took them to a pug meet-up today and ran (well, okay, strolled) them ragged, then plan to follow up with a post-dinner night walk to make sure they nice and tired.  Akemi gave them some gravol the other day to see how they would react. Lulu snoozed peacefully for four hours while an unusually alert Suji spent the afternoon barking at the ceiling lights and reflections.  Hmmmm.  No breakfast tomorrow so, hopefully, they’ll be nice and empty for the flight.  Just in case though, we’ve got the diapers on standby.

Also on standby for me – episode 3 of The Handmaid’s Tale, season 2 of Fargo, and season 1 of both Preacher and Westworld.  And 20 to-read books in my iBooks library.  Given these crazy airport delays of late, better safe than sorry.

A farewell dinner last night with Ellen Wong (Dark Matter’s nefarious Misaki Han) and her not at all nefarious husband Adam.  Today, it’s not one but TWO farewell meals with Dark Matter Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok – but I’ll be seeing him in about three weeks when we start the writers’ room for the show’s fourth season (No pick up yet.  Just being positive).  This year, we’ll also be joined by the best writer I know – Stargate veteran Carl Binder.  Check out this reaction shot of Carl when I told him he’d once again be getting the chance to work with Paul, Ivon and I –

Positively bursting with excitement.  THIS is the energy we need for next year!  That old Binder magic!